LEARNING AND COACHING ACROSS CULTURES si terrą a LONDRA dal 25 al 27 aprile 2012, sponsorizzata dal CESMA.

LCAC LEARNING AND COACHING ACROSS CULTURES run by the global coaching pioneer Philippe Rosinski in London

The residential intensive and experiential three-day seminar for executives, professional coaches, consultants, and HR/LD professionals, will be attended by participants coming from all over the world.

Visit for further information:  www.philrosinski.com and www.CoachingAcrossCultures.com

❝ A seminar that addresses not only psychological, but also cultural diversity. Great concept of Cultural Orientations, without categorizing people.
The COF assessment provides a useful platform to start raising cultural intelligence with clients, and help them extend the repertoire of their skills to achieve success. ❞

Programme content is delivered through assessments, role-plays and case studies, together with self and peer coaching to enhance learning. Insights will be gained on various levels: individual, team, organizational and societal.
CAC will equip you to facilitate high performance, human fulfilment, meaningful and sustainable success.

It is aimed at professionals and executives familiar with coaching fundamentals.

Day 1 - Integrate the cross-cultural dimensions into coaching and leadership.
Day 2 - Practice one-on-one coaching, in cross-cultural teams and across organizations with a particular
focus on mergers and acquisitions..
Day 3 - Engage in own high-performance and highfulfilment journey utilising the online Cultural Orientations Framework assessment, Global Coaching Process and Global Scorecard.

- Learn how coaching across cultures releases higher potential in individuals, thus contributing to the greater and sustainable success of globally connected organizations;
- Acquire necessary skills to expand beyond cultural norms, values and beliefs when working with customers, colleagues or coaching clients;
- Discover creative solutions to leverage cultural differences and address complex and multidimensional challenges;
- Maximize opportunities from diversity and achieve superior results for organization;
- Become part of an emerging and leading network of global coaching professionals and executives;
- Become provisionally certified to use and administer the Cultural Orientations Framework

Philippe Rosinski a world expert in executive and team coaching, and global leadership development, is the author of Coaching Across Cultures book. This pioneering work in bringing the crucial intercultural dimension into the practice of coaching has won him worldwide acclaim. He is the principal of Rosinski & Company, a global consulting firm that helps
leaders, teams and organizations unleash their human potential. Philippe Rosinski is a Professor in the MBA programme for global managers at the Kenichi Ohmae Graduate School of Business in Tokyo, Japan. He currently serves on the Editorial Board of Coaching: An International Journal of Theory, Research and Practice, and is the first European to have been designated Master Certified Coach by the International Coach Federation. He collaborates with the global team of experts on delivering his seminar worldwide. By integrating the crucial cultural dimension into coaching, Philippe Rosinski has developed a holistic, creative and powerful coaching approach for leaders, organizational professionals and coaches.

Based on his pioneering book Coaching Across Cultures (notably chosen by Harvard Business School as its Featured Book Recommendation for business leaders), this three-day interactive and experiential seminar combines theory with practice and gives participants a unique opportunity to learn methodologies and application of new tools, addressing the complex challenges in our turbulent, interconnected and global environment.

Elio Vera, Executive Education, Group Relations Conferences and Intercultural consultant, co-founder of SIETAR ITALIA and former board member of SIETAR EUROPA has been guest speaker in the edition recently held in Rome.

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