18th CEEMAN Annual Conference "Local Responses to Global Crisis"

18th CEEMAN Annual Conference "Local Responses to Global Crisis" has been held in Caserta (Naples) 23-25 September 2010.

In their attempt to respond to the global crisis businesses, national economies and societies at large are facing complex challenges. The crisis goes beyond the unprecedented imbalances in the financial sector. It has its deep economic, social, ethical and moral aspects. Its depth calls for a rethinking of the role of business in society, and brings high demand for competent and responsible leadership capable of leading their organizations in an economically sound, environmentally friendly and socially responsible way.

In order to better understand the local nature of responses to global crisis, and to learn from the lessons obtained, conference participants will be exposed to a unique historic experience of the countries in transition, which have gone through a major economic restructuring and deep social transformation to international integration processes. This will be enriched by an insight into how businesses respond to local, regional, and broader international challenges and opportunities.

Local responses to global crisis pose numerous challenges but also opportunities for business schools:

•How business schools can best contribute in helping the corporate world and society at large to develop best possible short-term reactions to global crisis, which will enable them to get out of the current problems and difficulties
•What business schools can do to help businesses and societies develop long-term responses which would prevent similar crisis to happen
•How business schools can promote corporate social responsibility and social cohesion, and develop responsible leadership essential for sustainable development in the future
•What are the educational and institutional challenges and opportunities for business schools in their attempt to meet customer needs as well as their own internal institutional needs
•What are the global commonalities and where local responses require innovative approaches and solutions which fit into the specific context and environment
Prominent speakers - political, academic and business leaders - will address these issues and inspire discussions.

Keynote speaker
Nancy Adler, the S. Bronfman Chair in Management at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, one of the leading authorities in global leadership and cross-cultural management. CV


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