SIETAR ITALIA con una folta rappresentanza di relatori e partecipanti a Cracovia dal 21 al 25 settembre 2011

Interculturalism Ahead: Transition to a Virtual World?
Krakow, Poland, September 21st to 25th

The 18th Annual "SIETAR Europa" Congress has been held in Krakow, Poland, at the crossroads of transformation and development.

We had the opportunity to discover Polish culture teaming up with experts and professionals from all over the world and sharing knowledge, skills and experiences.

Have been presented latest research and best practices, in the same time strengthening links with international companies as well as with NGO groups working across cultures.

We met into the SIETAR network new colleagues from Central and Eastern Europe, developing lasting relationships, creating learning experiences and broadening our existing network of intercultural expertise.

Last but not least, we did catch up with old friends and made new friends.

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